Amanda Ann[1] is the daughter to the Avatar in Dream Daddy. Depending on how the player plays the story of the game, she can be the biological or adoptive daughter of the Avatar and their deceased partner Alex.

Appearance Edit

Amanda is of average height. She has dark skin with freckles on her cheeks and nose, as well as brown hair that she wears in a ponytail with a yellow ribbon. She also wears a dark necklace with a light blue stone, grey pants, a white shirt tucked in her pants adorned with a leafless tree and a khaki green jacket that she appears to have gotten from her other parent. The jacket has additions of three four-pointed stars on her right, a panda head pin and a sunny side up egg pin on her left, and a patch with the symbol for a corporal.

Personality Edit

Amanda is goofy, kind, friendly, and down to earth. She can be very private about her more serious emotions and tends to keep to herself on them. She enjoys banter with her father and making jokes.


Quotes Edit

"Fuck yeah!"

Trivia Edit

  • Amanda has been on three dates with one guy in the past, having to pay for every single date.

References Edit

  1. screenshot of "Amanda Ann!" from [ source] on YT playthrough.

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